Illegal Downloads Costs The Industry ?12bn A Year

May 29, 2009 by  


The Strategic Advisory Board for Intellectual Property estimates that ?12bn worth of copyright material is downloaded illegally every year.

The report, Copycats? Digital Consumers in the on-line age was commissioned by The Strategic Advisory Board and conducted by UCL’s Centre for Information Behaviour and the Evaluation of Research (CIBER).

The authors of the report found that on one P2P network at midday on a weekday, there were 1.3m users sharing content.

If each “peer” from this network downloaded one file per day the resulting number of downloads would be 4.73bn items per year. This amounts to around ?12bn in content being consumed annually.

Minister of State for Intellectual Property David Lammy says, “We know that the copyright industries in the UK are suffering huge losses due to illegal downloading.

?The report helps put the scale of the problem into context and highlights the gaps in the evidence which need to be filled. It is important that we understand how online consumer behaviour impacts on the UK economy and the future sustainability of our copyright industries.?

The report also found that some 7m people in the UK illegally download