Erland & The Carnival Announce New Album ‘Nightingale’

December 17, 2010 by  

London-based psych-folk trio, Erland & The Carnival, are set to follow their eponymous d?but, released earlier this year, with a second album titled ‘Nightingale’

The album was recorded deep in a ship moored at Embankment on the river Thames, which lead to a very surreal recording experience, ?You could hear sounds in the hull when we were mixing the record,? says drummer David Nock. ?You?d get home and play it again and realise that something was missing, so we had to set up contact mics all around the ship to capture its unique sounds.?

The artwork, which you can see above, is a documentary photo of the Enfield poltergeist at work in the late ?70s, it depicts young Janet Hodgson being thrown across her bedroom by the much-debated dark spirit. ?I remember seeing the shot in a book when I was a kid and it always stuck with me,? says guitarist Simon Tong, ex of The Verve and The Good, The Bad & The Queen, and Gorillaz. ?It influenced the music because we?re trying to create a soundtrack to an imaginary horror film about the supernatural.?

The album is released on the 07 March on Full Time Hobby and we’ll have more details soon and possibly a sample from the album.