Elliot Smith’s Debut Solo LP ?Roman Candle? To Be Reissued

February 17, 2010 by  

Domino records have just announced that on April 5th, 2010 they will be reissuing a re-mastered version of Elliott Smith?s Roman Candle, Elliott Smith?s first solo album which was originally released in 1994.

Roman Candle has been re-mastered for the re-release by Larry Crane, editor of Tape Op Magazine and archivist for Elliott’s family, and Roger Seibel at SAE Mastering.

Larry explains, ?The intention that I had was to make the album more listenable. I felt that a lot of the guitar ?squeaks? were jarring and very loud, and that many of the hard consonants and ?S? sounds were jarring and scratchy sounding. I felt by reducing these noises that the music would become more inviting and the sound would serve the songs better. When I went to Roger Seibel’s SAE Mastering, he proceeded to equalize the tracks a small amount and to make the volume slightly louder. We never tried to make this CD as loud as current, over-limited trends, but just to match the volume of the rest of Elliott?s Domino catalog in a graceful way. Please note that none of this album is ?remixed? from the master tapes – it is still composed of the mixes Elliott created himself.?

The track listing is below. All songs written by Elliott Smith except as noted.

1. Roman Candle
2. Condor Ave.
3. No Name #1 (Elliott Smith, J.J. Gonson)
4. No Name #2
5. No Name #3
6. Drive All Over Town
7. No Name #4
8. Last Call
9. Kiwi Maddog 20/20

Roman Candle was recorded and produced by Elliott in the basement. The record was recorded in 1993 and released in 1994 and was originally mixed with help from Tony Lash.

The album will be released on CD, LP and digitally