Addict Music’s ‘Ones To Watch’ 2011

January 10, 2011 by  

Last year we split our ?ones to watch? list in two – the gonna be big and the should be big – but this year the decision has been made to steer clear from the traditional practice of telling people who will be gracing the covers of their not so favourite weeklies for the next twelve months. Instead, we will stick to those in the latter category.

So without a Jessie J or a gushing tribute to The Vaccines in sight, below are 10 bands and artists we hope you?ll be turning your attention to over the next twelve months, if you have not done so already that is?

James Blake

OK, bit of an obvious one this, but certainly one we couldn?t leave off. James Blake?s soul heavy dubstep has been wetting the appetite since his d?but EP dropped and with his first album out in February chart domination looks imminent .


Back in early 2010 the alt-?80s rock inspired outfit, consisting of ex Cajun Dance Party members, leaked a couple of fuzzy tracks onto the internet and ever since have been chased down bloggers and journalist alike (including us; several times). We’ve already had a listen to the album and it contains as much Dinosaur Jr fuzz and angst you could ever ask for.

Trophy Wife

Despite the anti-office worker sentiment, Foals’ best mates Trophy Wife, make, pardon the phrase, ‘blissed out’ (cringe) pop that was first aired on the incredible d?but single ‘Microlite’. The Oxford group look set to follow it up in 2011 with more releases and have already toured with Foals.

Chad Valley

The first of two Cascine signings, Chad Valley aka Hugo Manuel, released his d?but EP last year and in doing so moved chill wave on from the hazy doldrums into full blown summery pop. With more to follow in 2011 the Oxford inhabitant could finally take every Blogger’s favourite genre into the wider public, although to simply label Hugo chill wave is to do him an injustice.


The second of Cascine’s signings are frustratingly young, yet somehow seem to remember all of the great music from the ’80s. Even better, they don’t give it the usual ‘we wanna sound like Joy Division’ treatment, instead they head straight for the ’80s disco hey day.


Despite having first aired her d?but single just a couple of months back on this very site, Daughter has already leaped to the top of the Hype Machine. Without a proper release to her name yet, the heir apparent to Laura Marling looks like she’ll be having a hectic 2011 to say the least.

Daughter – “Peter” (Tales From Shop Session) from Stay Loose on Vimeo.


Probably the closest to a ?proper? band on this list, the American quartet have been likened to the early days of Kings of Leon, when they had proper beards and sung about sex and drugs over chugging riffs; basically when they were good.

Jamie Woon

Another dubstep producer/singer looking to take the genre overground before Katy B gets the chance to dilute it all over the charts. Woon’s take is slightly different from Blake’s but no less effective and treads the fine-line between pop and dub step perfectly.


Anyone who read a music blog last summer would of heard of the male/female duo Cults by now. Their d?but single, Go Outside, has finally been given a proper release and they are working on a full length release under the guidance of Sleigh Bells’ producer, which is due to be released in 2011.

IO Echo

The former bass player of The Big Pink, Leo, makes up one half of this duo and judging by the lo-fi fuzz of their d?but single he has taken his former band’s sound with him. They’re incredibly difficult in interviews (as we’ve come to know), their singer has an ear for harmonies that play well over Leo’s dark fuzz and they always look like they just finished a three day Heroin binge in a Shoreditch basement – perfect then.