Adam Goldberg Releasing New Album ‘The Goldberg Sisters’

February 26, 2011 by  

For those that like MTV and all that stuff, Adam Goldberg from Entourage is releasing the follow-up to his debut album, which he released under the name LANDy.

This time around, Goldberg is going under the moniker the The Goldberg Sisters, which includes a ?purported twin that Goldberg calls Celeste.?

The album will be released on the 11th of april and is preceded by lead single ‘Shush’ on the 28th?March.

The album tracklist is:

01. The Room
02. Mother Please (The World Is Not Our Home
03. Shush
04. Don’t Grow
05. You’re Beautiful When You Die
06. Erik Erikson
07. Third Person Blues
08. The Difference Between
09. The Skin Of the Patriot (Blame It on Your Youth)
10. The Heart Grows Fonder?? ? ??? ? ??