Interview – The Plastiscines

January 29, 2010 by  

With their second album, About Love, out in February, a cameo appearence on US TV show Gossip Girl in the bag and a hectic touring schedule things are starting to take off for Parisian all girl group The Plastiscines. We managed to get hold of the girls for a quick chat before their first headline gig at The Barfly, to discuss their small beginnings in Paris, life on the road and a chance duet with Patrick Wolf…

You guys are quite new to the UK, could you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Marine and I (Katty Bersnard) We ‘were in highschool together, and we used to go to gigs all the time together as we were bored at school. That’s why we started to go to gigs and got the band together. A few months after we met Louise at a gig and we had our first gig a few weeks after ? we didn’t even know how to play we just wanted to be on stage.

What bands were you into at the time?

We were going to see the White Stripes and The Strokes, we were all 15 16.

Did you ever have trouble getting gigs because of your age?

Not really, we were playing gigs all the time when we started, we was always being asked to play. We were really lucky because people were interested to see a girl band and we had a lot of friends in bands asking us to play with them.

So you was only 18 when you released your first album.

Yeah, we didn’t even know what we was doing really, not in a bad way because it was very natural and spontaneous. All we cared about was playing on stage and that’s what we wanted to have on the first album, just like we were on stage.

So is there a lot difference between your first album and your new album?

Yeah, because we had two years between the albums we had time to learn how to play our instruments. It sounds funny but it is true, we learnt a lot in those two years. At the start we didn’t know what we wanted really, we were just kids playing music – we know exactly what we want now. The new album has a totally different mood and feel because we are better musicians now , was in a different country and we worked with a great producer. We new which way we wanted to go with this album, it very different from the first.

You worked with the same producer as Pink, Butch Walker, did you find that a big help?

At first we was very scared as we came to L.A and we met him once and we didn’t know what he was going to be like, we looked on the internet and saw that he does a lot of pop stuff like Pink, we were scared he was going to change everything. But we had the first practice and he understood us totally, he changed a few things but without changing the songs.

So you’re not going to follow in the path of Pink then.

No! Definitely not.

Can you see yourself moving away from France now

There are so little opportunities in France, I think the French mentality is hard to deal with because they’re always complaining all the time, they’re always looking for something bad – you’re either too cute or too well dressed or wear too much make up, we never get that in the US. In France if you want to be Rock n’ Roll you have to be boring. We don’t care though we just do our music.

What you been up to over the last six months?

We’ve been on tour since June, playing all across America. It was our first American tour and it was hard at times, but in the end it became a big family were everyone was helping each-other. We got to play with Patrick Wolf. We’re really good friends with Patrick . He played ‘Bitch’ on tour with us it was amazing. He really wanted to play a song with us and was at the side of the stage making fun of us, saying all these French words, then he came on and joined us wearing just these skinny shorts and a T-shirt

Did Patrick’s style rub off on you?

When we was on with Patrick we had so much glitter everywhere, it was kind of funny, we were so glad it was with him. When we get dressed like that in France people don’t understand, they’re like what the hell are they doing.