Introducing – Telegrams

April 21, 2009 by  


They may not have chosen the most individual name in the world, but London-based four-piece Telegrams make some of the most unique and affecting music you are ever likely to hear.

A combination of school-friends, brothers and one drummer for hire, Telegrams have spent a year creating big, ambitious music in an endearingly downbeat way. According to Julian, the band makes music consisting of ?Acoustic noodlings and piano, somehow beefed up with drums, bass, with some fancy swirly noises and beats.? In truth, the combination of relaxed vocals, crisp drums and an approach to guitar playing that at times borders on the mathematical, all comes together to create an intricate and delicate sound that will stay in your head for days.

Humour is evidently important to the band, both in their demeanour and performances. ?We recently realised we all have glasses and beards, so we probably look more like a bunch of graphic designers than musicians,? says Julian, ?Or university professors.? adds Alex, To avoid being pigeon-holed, sometimes I don’t wear my glasses and sometimes one of us shaves!? The band often breaks out a miniature guitar for extended solos and is completely at ease performing. Even when things go wrong. ?Recently I kicked the power lead out of our computer interface as we went on stage, so the first five minutes of the set was spent resetting and rebooting our equipment.?

Behind the jokes lies a band with serious ability and ambition. ?We are quite serious about making music that we like, and hopefully that other people like too.? This ambition is helped considerably by a musical style that is at once warm and welcoming, as well as utterly distinctive. ?We sound like ourselves and not anyone else,? says Alex, ?people have compared us to a lot of different bands, but to my knowledge the same band has never come up twice.?

2009 will hopefully see the band start to make headway in the industry, ?We’re finishing an EP right now and putting together a website,? says Julian, ?We have lofty ambitions, but we’re willing to put in the work to make it happen? added Alex.

What music out there interests them? ?I’m a big fan of Kings of Convenience, Radiohead, Aphex Twin, Autechre, Sufjan Stevens, and composers like Tippett, Part, Cage or Shostakovitch,? says Julian, ?Bowerbirds are really great, and I’ve been enjoying Neon Neon too.?

You can see Telegrams at shows on the 21st April at Notting Hill Arts Club, the 26th April at the Betsy Trotwood and the 21st May at Monkey Chews. Listen to them now on

By Liam Clune