Introducing – Pull In Emergency

April 21, 2009 by  


The Guardian describes them as ?one of the UK?s most thrilling new bands?, Steve Lamacq admits their music is on heavy rotation at home and the Observer has them ?updating Britpop for the Myspace generation?. Heady stuff, I?m sure you?ll agree. Now consider that the eldest member of this band is a creaking 18-year old. Meet Pull In Emergency, one of the most hotly tipped groups in the country today.

Faith Barker (vocals), Alice Costello (guitars, keyboards), Dylan William (bass) and Suneet Chohan (drums) are younger still, all only 16 years old. That leaves Frankie Bowmaker (lead guitar) the old hand of a precociously talented band.

The band has been together longer than their ages may suggest. ?We’ve been together about 3 years now,? says Alice, ?Some of us were friends from when we were about 10, some of us went to school together, and then Frankie was caught when Faith and I sang him an a’capella version of our first song at a party in Primrose Hill in 2006.? During this time together, Pull In Emergency has developed a vital, explosive brand of indie-rock that drips with style and attitude. This smooth, well-oiled music making machine is a far cry from the band?s humble beginnings playing ?one early gig in a pub in Deptford, where the only people there were our parents and the other bands. We were 13. Haahha.?

Arcade Fire seem to be the biggest heroes for the band, apart from Suneet, who apparently would suggest ?more of a Dr. Dre type character!? Other musical picks include Weezer, who?s ?We Are All On Drugs? the band have recently covered, as well as Tiny Masters of Today and Hella Better Dancer.

Festivals seem to be high on the list this year. ?We’re definitely playing underage for the 3rd time which hopefully will be incredible,? says Faith, ?We haven’t as yet got any others lined up. Some of us are going to Reading. Frankie is confirming his old-man status by going to Glastonbury.? The debut album is also pencilled in to be released this summer, making these exciting times for Pull In Emergency. It is in the interests of all music fans that such a workload should succeed in fulfilling the secret aim of ?keeping Frankie from the grasp of university for as long as possible…?

Pull In Emergency are not your favourite new young band, they are your new favourite band full stop.

Listen to Pull In Emergency on Myspace at Seriously, listen.

By Liam Clune