Introducing – Four Dead In Ohio

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In these dark times of insular indie trends, which allows for scenes consisting of bands making music made entirely of bleeps and beats. It?s time for an injection of a new, brash, distorted guitar music which will reignite the passions of indie boys and girls across the land. Four Dead In Ohio make guitar music that will make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. Rooted in deep southern soul and sixties psychedelic rock, their explosive sound is a heady mix of heavy riffs, rumbling bass lines and long stadium filling choruses. Not actually dead or in fact from Ohio, Four Dead In Ohio, guitarist Doug Mallet explains how they come to attain such a macabre moniker ?we took the name from the Neil Young song and we also like the fact that it has a dark political/historical background? (The Kent State University Shootings).

The band is a combination of Captain Rick Mckay ? drums, Doug Mallett ? guitar, Stu North ? bass, and the elusive Jakob Ohlen – vocals & guitar. Like all great bands they met whilst admiring each other?s haircuts in a kebab shop in Shoreditch. ?Jakob & Rick had been friends for years and met myself and Stu in a kebab shop in Shoreditch after a night out, we got chatting about how bad the current crop of bands were and decided to do something about it! We swapped numbers, had a jam and it started to come together from there.?

This disgruntled attitude toward the current music scene, which they describe as ?it all seems to be either 80?s influenced stuff or chirpy geezer music.? Has made them wander of the more traditional musical influences path, and look toward the ?Black Angels and Brian Jonestown Massacre? for inspiration. However, there?s a clear indie rock sensibility in their music, the result of a record collections consisting of ? The Doors, The Stones, Dylan, Neil Young, The Byrds, Jimi Hendrix, The Who, BRMC, The Verve, Stone Roses, MGMT, Kraftwerk, Can, Funkadelic, Nirvana, Doves, The Strokes, My Bloody Valentine, Spiritualized and early Oasis.?

With relatively little press and only one proper single release, the buzz is still quite minimal and underground. However, there is enough interest out there to seem there touring up and down the country and even Sweden. As a band they see their live shows as more than just a showcasing of their music ?Our shows are quite different ? we run all the songs together with very few pauses so it turns into a groove, and we have our own psychedelic visuals to help take you on a trip. But the main reason is we?ve got the songs & attitude to back it up.?

With the album at least a year away it?s going to be a long wait before we can hear any new material, but Doug promises it will be something special ?We will try and keep it as live sounding as possible, with maybe a few interesting interludes linking the songs together. The songs in the live show will form the backbone of it, plus a few others we have up our sleeve, and we will probably write a few more as well.

The band has just completed an eleven date tour, which included a sold out gig at the Waterats in London. For more info check out their MySpace

By Chris Cummins