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Having recently decamped to London, Australia’s TEENAGERSINTOKYO look destined for big things next year. Their first EP received great acclaim from fans and critics alike and their forthcoming d?but album has been put together with the help of super producer Dave Kosten. Addict Music thought we’d catch up with them for a quick chat about the new album.

How is your live set looking now, with the new album nearly completed?

Miska – Well it’s looking different, we’ve done a huge turnaround in our live performances because a lot of it now really has got this whole new trigger system set up to bring in samples ? that’s been making changes. There is new songs in the set now, it”s been interesting; it’s been fun; it’s been lots of hard work.

Rudy ? The biggest thing is, because we wrote the songs and then recorded the album, a lot of the songs that we recorded we weren’t actually playing live yet, and others before the record was made were sounding a little different. Now we’ve finished the record, some songs have new sounds, which we want to create live and also keep a live feel, really keep it live.

Miska – We’re not a big fan of having backing tracks, anything we can do live we will do. I’ve gone to see bands before where there was a point in the song where there was literally no one playing anything and we was like what are you doing, what is the point of you even being on stage.

Are you still using the songs form the first EP?

Rudy – Yeah, two of them are on the new album.

Miska – It was kind of this wired thing where we loved those songs and wanted more of them on the album, but at the same time we love them and didn’t want to do them different.

Sow how did you come to work with David Kosten?

Miska – That was our wish-list. We wrote up this list of like eight to ten guys ? people like Quincy Jones.

Rudy – There was some ridiculous names, we were just like no way will they get in contact with us. A guy from the record label came back to us and said we had a word with David Kosten and he said he really liked your stuff – we was like yeah!

Miska – The funny thing was a couple of producers said yes and we was in this odd situation of going from not knowing what we was going to do, to having three wish-lost producers saying yes I want to do your album. It was kind of like we started dating three guys at the same time. We went with David because his way of relating to us was on the same wavelength, every single sound was pretty much what we would want to use.

The new single sound more developed, and less direct was that conscious decision?

Rudy ? I think those to singles were a conscious decision. Isabella was a track that we wrote which was really different to anything we’d done before. Isabella just came from a jam really then developed into a conscious decision to go into a new direction and bring in more of the warmth.

Miska ? You’ve got to remember the EP was recorded a long time ago. We’re not the same band that started out before, because it has been five years since we took those shots of us wearing mismatching ridiculous clothes and like whatever we’re kids – we’re not that any more.

When is the album out?

Miska – Not until next year, there is still a couple of missing pieces to the puzzle. Were hoping to do a little bit more writing, we just feel like there is just one song that hasn’t been written yet.