Interview | Pulled Apart By Horses

June 22, 2010 by  

With their debut album finally arriving this week, our man Mazz managed to grab some time with Pulled Apart By Horses to discuss their first full length EP, life on the road and that amazing video…

So first things first, tell me about your debut album? How was it to make? Did you feel you achieved what you wanted from your first full length?

I think it is an accurate document of the 1st 2 years of our band. Its got songs that we wrote on it and us playing them, and hopefully it goes some way to getting the vibe of our live show across to the listener. We did it in 8 days, which suited us just fine!

Back to the Fuck Yeah’s music video looks fantastic, I imagine it was it fun to make?

It was very fun, it was a pretty full-on day though and it got damn cold in the evening. Then I had to go to work covered in fake blood!

You guys have done a fair few festival circuits since you’ve been around, do you have any favourite festivals that you like to play and why?

Truck is definitely one of our favourites, and Reading and Leeds obviously. We get to do Glastonbury this year also which is just insane!

What’s starting a band up in Leeds like? I imagine with the strength of local music scene it’s quite benefitial?

Leeds is a very positive environment to start a band in, there is lots of support and encouragement along with lots of good underground promoters and labels. Mainly I think that the caliber of bands that Leeds seems to produce influences any new band because it means you can’t be shit!

Doing my research before this interview I read that you’ve encountered a number of injuries with your live shows. What injuries do you most remember playing live?

I remain injury free!! Although I’ve seen horrible things happen to Tom and James…haha. They’re always banging themselves about, sometimes theres blood, sometimes not.

So your supporting Muse very soon, that must have been pretty good news at the time. Are you fans of Muse at all?

Most of the band are, I (Lee) wouldn’t class myself as a fan. I’ve heard they have a killer live show though so I might get converted. “Come on Muse, Impress me!!”

How much of your DIY approach do you think has been an assett of your band’s recent success? Do you think that made people more responsive to your band?

I think its just down to necessity. We’re far from a DIY band now!! When you start you have to do everything yourself; book gigs, put out shitty demos, blah blah. I think we started in a DIY environment and we have total respect for that scene, we are awful corporate sell outs now though haha!!

Tell me about the Transgressive deal? Were you approached by them or was it the other way round?

We’ve been friends with those guys ever since we played with Sky Larkin in London last January I think, and over the course of the past year I think it became obvious that we’d work together. We couldn’t be happier with Transgressive, they have good ethics, passion and they like a drink. What more could we ask for!?

As well experienced tour veterans what gets you through long drives? What do you like to listen, read, watch on tour?

Everybody has there Ipods and a few of us have DS’s so they pass the time pretty well. Other than that we watch all manner of shit films together, too many to mention here. We have one movie that gets watched more than most though – Big Trouble in Little China. That film is so fucking good its silly!