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Milan’s Hot Gossip have just returned with another blistering inde-rock album, You Look Faster When You Are Young, and we thought we’d catch up with them to have a chat about life in Milan and the recording of their long awaited second album.

It?s been four years since we last heard from you what have you been doing since then?

Touring a bit, and then we stopped for some quiet time for writing and recording the new album.
then we went back on tour again.

You are about to release your second album , can fans expect anything different this time.

Well, there is something different, songs are more complete from my point of view. They have a better arrangement and we spent more time on vocals than the previous times (in Angles we recorded all the vocals in 3-4 hours)
We also spent some time recording live percussions and all that

What was it like recording the album, any peaks or pitfalls?

It was pretty relaxing, the recording sessions were not too hard since we’ve been working on pre -production a lot, it was all about discovering the song with a different instrument, the studio. Consider also that the house where the studio is located is in the middle of nowhere 5 meters away from a pictoresque lake with a hill on the back, and that the studio owners/sound guys are good friends of ours. It was all more like a vacation… and for me it was the first time i recorded an album without stress from other matters.

When making the record did you always have a clear idea in mind, or was it a more a case of making it up as you went along?

As I wrote, we did a lot of work beforehand, so it was pretty much done for most of the songs.
Still, the very day of the recording, there were few things that needed to be fixed or that didn’t work in the pre production tapes, so we had to work it along the way, as well as all the other instruments (rhodes, percussions, tambourines, organs)

Bands from Milan are quite rare in England, how did become to have such an anglicised indie sound?

We have few interesting bands in Milan that have lots of Brit/indie referrals, such as our friends Orange, a stunning 2 piece.

Who else has influenced you musically? Any British bands?

The Wire, Gang of Four, Bullet Union, Twisted Charm… too many good bands to name, both from the past underground scenes and from the recent ones.

What new bands are you into at the moment, are there any that you would recommend to our readers?

It’s summer time, and we love to listen to Dent May and his magnificent ukulele, Toots and the Maytals, Studio One Rockers, last Royksopp, Rodriguez, The Oh Sees…, The Intelligence, The Weakends… we really like to vary the sound from day to day, from hour to hour.

What are your plans for the future, more writing/tours/festivals?

Writing while on tour! We are planning to play some gigs around the fall/winter and meanwhile we’ll be writing new songs for the new record.While on tour in germany earlier this year, we met this russian band from Moscow and we realized that we’d really love to tour Eastern Europe right now, we never did and we’re psyched about it, it’s so different from Western Europe.

So this could be a good plan for the future!

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