Addict Music’s Tips For 2010

January 4, 2010 by  

New music always succumbs to trends and is often propelled by increasingly obscene marketing budgets. With this in mind our first ever stab at indie soothsaying is split into two halves. The first is bands and artists we think will be big or at least be touted all over the music press for the next twelve months. The second is our own personal favourites that we would like to make it big this year. This is not to say we dislike those in the former category, far from it, we just want to draw your attention to those still residing in the depths of the indie blog-sphere.

Who will be huge;

Ellie Goulding

If Florence and The Machine are anything to go by, wining the BRITS Critic’s Choice award means you’ll go platinum and be sipping pina coladas in the Seychelles by Christmas. This year’s winner Ellie Goulding, will be hoping to follow in Florence’s path, with her d?but album. The 22 year old from Hereford combines folk vocals with crisp synthesiser backdrops to produce a unique brand of pop and already has one anthem in the making, ‘Starry Eyed’.

Ellie Goulding@Myspace

Everything Everything

Continuing the Manchester lineage of great indie bands into 2010 are Everything Everything. Formed by front man Jonathan Everything and presumably named after the Underworld album of the same title, the band are the most exciting indie outfit to come out of the city in years. On their early singles Jonathan Everything flits continually between typical Manchester drawl and nut crunchingly high vocals while the rest of the unashamedly arty band chuck as many disparate musical elements at the eight track to produce the most avant-garde pop you’ll here this year.

Everything Everything@Myspace

The Drums

The first band to draw out the usual list clich?s, such as ‘no brainer’, are the indie cert for 2010. Their D?but EP Summertime was heralded by almost every blog and music press in the country for its disparate mix of Factory Record?s industrial beats and guitars, and barber-shop quartet harmonies.

The Drums@Myspace


If White Lies listened to New Order instead of the band’s previous incarnation Joy Division they’d be making the sort of accessible electro-indie Delphic pedal. Already starting to generate serious amounts of hype, Delphic’s faces will be everywhere in 2010, whether for better or worse waits to be seen, but early singles have warranted the hype.


Marina and The Diamonds

Slightly off-kilter and pretty damn hot, Marina of Marina and The Diamonds looks set to continue the female chart onslaught with her D?but album The Family Jewels. Whether she’ll still be there this time next year is yet to be seen, but her first three singles have provided a tantalising taste of things to come.

Marina and The Diamonds@Myspace

Who should also be huge;

Washed Out

US Bloggers favourites Washed Out is the sole efforts of Ernest Greene, from Georgia America. Describing himself as no-fi on his Myspace page, doesn’t make the task of pinning down the bedroom musician’s sound any easier – all that can be said is its a hazy synth pop that evokes a woozy summer feel which is not to be missed.

Washed Out@Myspace

Fool?s Gold

The first of two bands to pillage the tropical afro beat sound of Fela Kuti, Fool’s Gold are like a hippy cult version of Vampire Weekend. With eleven members it will be interesting to see how they fare in the Old Blue Last and The Barfly, but by the time the summer comes their tropical-pop will bode well with the festival season.

Fool’s Gold@Myspace

Esben And The Witch

With recent support slots for The XX and School Of Seven Bells, Esben And The Witch are beginning to look like the music industry’s best kept secret. The trio create dark, gloomy and incredibly haunting noise which draws on wide reaching influences, from Kate Bush to Portished, to produce it’s spine chillingly eerie feel.

Esben and The Witch@Myspace

Fenech Soler

If you’ve been to a warehouse party lately chances are you’ve wandered into a room of methadrone crazed indie kids jumping frantically to Fenech Soler’s second single ‘Lies’. The Kings Cliffe? outfit have created the future floor filler of the year in ‘Lies’ and will no doubt be traversing the dance floors of clubs in Camden to Ibiza all year long.

Fenech Soler@Myspace

Little Comets

Like a sophisticated Wombats, if that is possible, Little Comets create cutesy pop songs that will make them the biggest band to come out of Newcastle since Maximo Park. Mixing tropical beats with scratchy guitars might sound like a horrible mess, but as previous single ‘Adultery’ proves Little Comets are the most fun to come out of the North-east in years.

Little Comets@Myspace


The final band on this list released a procession of singles in 2009 which draw heavily upon Belle and Sebastian and Elliot Smith. The Boy/Girl duo pull off the twee indie sound with the dark melancholy of Green so well that their d?but could be one of the albums of 2010.