Addict Music Interview – The Go! Team

January 19, 2011 by  

We’ve got a little insider tip for you: The Go! Team’s new album Rolling Blackouts, could be the album of the summer. It’s filled with so many summer anthems you can’t help but be transported to a far away field drenched in sun and lathered by gallons of warm Strongbow. Anyway, before you get to bask in its uplifting glory Emily Anderton met up with the guys to discuss all things Rolling Blackouts…

What can fans expect from your new album, is it going to be similar to things you?ve released in the past?

It is a bit different from the last two, it?s definitely more melodic, more song-writery I suppose. Less, kind of, girl shouting at you haha. There are hints of that but it definitely has more space kind of, it?s a bit more panoramic I think. Definitely more eclectic I?d say, it?s kind of all over the shop.

Yeah, ?cause the impression I get is that you?ve all got different musical tastes, would you agree?

Yeah, but I don?t know if it?s exactly as simple as ?Hey you like hip hop so you?re gonna bring that, and you like funk so you?re gonna bring that?. It?s more to do with the kind of stuff I?ve always loved, if you know what I mean; rolling all of my favourite things that I?ve always loved throughout my life into a record ? a bit like a movie trailer or something. It?s quite kind of schizo ? one minute it?s kind of westerny, or it could go to something like a marching band. There are still early hip hop touches in there as well. To get an impression of the record I think you have to listen to the whole thing, rather than just listen to a single.

Do you reckon it?ll encourage people to listen to the record from beginning to end?

I definitely really like track listing and the choices you make about putting certain songs next to each other with contrasts and surprises and all that kind of thing. I really like those choices where you put a quiet song next to something really hard, you know. It?s that kind of schizo thing that I?m really into.

So when you?re performing live, do you sort out the set list?

It?s a good question; we?re kind of wrestling with that actually. I think we?ll arrive at it as a group decision because sometimes you?ll be like ?Fucking hell, I can?t do those two songs next to each other ?cause I?ll be a wreck?.

You fine-tune it as the tour goes along then?

I?m sure we will, yeah. I?m sure things will work out themselves in a live setting. We just keep adding instruments. We?re taking a typewriter on stage with us now for a song which has typewriter sounds in it.

You?ve got Deerhoof on the new album ? how did that come about?

It wasn?t really a case of ?Hey I want to work with Deerhoof?, it was more that a song had its own identity, in a way. I was thinking about a song, which is the secretary song I was just talking about. I was imagining like Tokyo secretaries all lined up symmetrically in like a ?60s office in Tokyo. For me, because I?m such a big Deerhoof fan and we kind of know them, it kind of means it was easy to put a request in, you know? I could almost hear her voice before she did it.

Are there any other artists who have caught your attention at the moment?

Well, there?s Deerhoof ? I really like them. Black Moth Super Rainbow, um that label called Ghost Box Records do really nice stuff.

And are there any festival line ups that have caught your eye that you?d like to play or attend?

I think the best festival, possibly in the world, is Primavera ? it?s got everything. The line ups are always really cool, it always starts really late so you have the whole day just to mince around ? they really like to rock it in Barcelona. We?ve played there a couple of times and we went on one night, I think it was about four in the morning or something stupid like that. Electric Picnic in Ireland?s really good as well.

The video for T.O.R.N.A.D.O. ? how much input did you have with that, who came up with it?

We?re actually making videos for every song on the record with a bloke called James Slater who lives in Berlin but he?s a British bloke. He?s just completely on our level, I totally dig it.

You can see how well it works with the music.

Yeah, he just gets it basically. Some of the videos feature Super 8 films that I?ve made over the years. Whenever we go on tour I?ve always got my Super 8 camera on me and I just get everything. I think you?ll be able to buy a DVD of it at some point. They?re all really different ? they?re really cool.