A Guide to Recording ‘Basic Nature’ By Calories

September 20, 2010 by  

Calories have just released their brilliant second album Basic Nature on Tough Love Records and before its release Tom Whitfield from the band sat down to scribble us a guide to how they recorded it…

Basic Nature was recorded over the space of a year. It was recorded at a place called the lodge in Northampton. We like this studio very much as you get to live there while you are recording , basically you pay abit extra and you get bed and breakfast and for a little bit more dinners as well . Pete, john and I stayed in a room together upstairs where we shared many stories of humiliation and white/red wine. John had an accident with red wine once but i’ll let him tell you himself .

One of the main reasons why we like the lodge so much is the room which we record the drums in has a very high ceiling . We are always trying to get quite a roomy sound to the drums as well . In our previous outfit we always layered the albums with too much guitar so in calories we always make a conscious effort to keep the sound quite stripped down. First session we went in for we recorded a load of punkier sounding stuff. We waited for our collective ear to recover then decided it needed something else, it sounded abit flat i guess. We went back once more and that’s when we recorded Fast Forward , Endlessly en Light and two more I believe .The whole time we were writing and recording the album Pete and John were always demoing stuff at home.

After listening to what we had we decided that we wanted to add a raw element to the album so we went through Johns/Pete’s demos and found a few gems there, which we added to the album. I think the brand new stuff we do will be more in the direction of the home recorded stuff we did on Basic Nature.

Its quite hard for me to remember alot of the recording proccess as it all seems quite a blur. One thing i will say though is that on Basic Nature we thought of it as more of an ongoing project, we just kept adding to it and in a way the project is still going now until we release our next material . GET INVOLVED!!