Single Reviews

Little Boots – New In Town (679/Atlantic) 25/05/09

Blackpool’s most famous pop munchkin Little Boots is one of those acts heavily tipped by the great and good to be everywhere this summer. Victoria Hesketh is certainly talented, and by all accounts she’s a pretty good hand at remixes, but it seems like her music is the point at which an indie-pop crossover becomes […]

Crystal Stilts – Love Is A Wave (Angular) 25/05/09

Brooklyn seems to be the epicentre of the current twee fuzz pop movement, and with bands like the Crystal Stilts it?s easy to see why. At only two minutes and one second in length, Love Is A Wave is short burst of laid back retro noise pop. From the drip of reverb at the start […]

People In Planes – Mayday (Wind Up) 08/06/2009

People In Planes, certainly seem to know their rock music reference points. On their new single Mayday, pronounced M?aidez apparently, there is musical references to everyone from Pearl Jam to Jimmy Eat World and then back again to Rage Against The Machine. A heady cocktail of musical influences you say, but unfortunately it?s one that […]

Boy Crisis – Dressed to Digress (B-Unique) 22/06/2009

Boy Crisis are the latest in an ever growing line of synth driven, punk funk outfits to come out of New York. With ample amounts of blog buzz the five piece look set to follow in the well trodden path laid down by MGMT. Their latest offering Dressed to Digress may not be as psychedelic […]

Kasabian – Fire (Columbia) 1/06/2009

Leicester?s favourite sons are back with new single ?Fire?. Taken from their forthcoming album ?West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum?, the track is their first proper release in two years. Unfortunately, it sounds like the mini hiatus hasn?t been spent well. In typical British lad-rock style, something of which they have recently refuted, ?Fire? is a […]

KASMS – Male Bonding (Trouble) 4/05/09

The first time I put this CD on I spend the first 15 seconds with my head round the back of the speakers looking for the loose connection, until it dawns on me that it?s supposed to sound that fuzzy and distant. KASMS like their punk songs dark and dirty and quick. A-side ‘Male Bonding’ […]

Century Man ? Marauder (Unsigned)

What do you think of when somebody mentions ?Cheltenham?? Racing? Top-hatted toffs quaffing champagne and laughing shrilly? Maybe the more musically knowledgeable of you think of Brian Jones? Century Man?s ‘Marauder’ is certainly going to make you reappraise the place. Produced by Matt Terry, after his work with The Enemy, ‘Marauder’ is a blast of […]

Cinnamon Chasers – White Flag E.P (Modus) 18/05/09

Cinnamon Chasers. It?s a dubious name, one that makes you want to pour half a pint of milk on it. It?s the sobriquet of electronic tunes wizard Russ Davies, who has the pretty ace bragging rights in that his dad was in the Kinks. Yep, that?s right, Mr Ray Davies himself. If this sounds like […]

Rumble Strips – London (Universal/Island)

London is the latest release from everyone’s favourite country loons The Rumble Strips. Available now as a free download on the band’s official website, it’s a preview of the eagerly awaited second album. And a bit of a worrier it is too. Over-produced and under-thought, it fails to include almost anything that makes The Rumble […]

Rieser – Drinking Den E.P (None) 4/05/09

Two years on from the release of their debut album, Rieser are back with their new four track E.P Drinking Den. Once tipped to be the next big thing to come out of Scotland the Edinburgh four piece haven?t quite lived up to the hype yet. Sounding like a new wave Idlewild, lead track Drinking […]