Single Reviews

The Rokettes – Burn Baby Burn (Delicious Records) 27/06/2009

“Burn Baby Burn” is the debut single from East Londoners The Rokettes. And a bit of a puzzler it is too. Opening with a cringeworthy synth straight out of The Mighty Boosh, we are then subjected to the voice of female lead El. El has released solo material under the name Elena, but the life […]

Isa & The Filthy Tongues – Big Star (Circular Records) 29/06/2009

Edinburgh’s Isa & The Filthy Tongues are a great big bag of blah. Apparently creating quite a lot of buzz in their hometown, on the evidence of “Big Star” I am left wondering if something is very wrong over the border. Isa, or Stacy Chavis from Oregon, has a voice somewhere between a third rate […]

Defend Moscow – Die Tonight (KIDS) 22/06/2009

No, before you get scared the Cold War is not back on it?s just a name. And again no, Defend Moscow are not a moody Joy Division cover band either. They are in fact an incredibly upbeat dance outfit who produce fine synthpop tunes. They just like choosing macabre names for their songs. Their second […]

The Gaslight Anthem – The 59 Sound (Side One Dummy) 29/06/2009

New Jersey’s favourite sons of Springsteen The Gaslight Anthem seem set to continue on their path to world domination, with the next single to be lifted of their second album. The album?s title track, The 59 Sound, is once again a heady mix of New Jersey hardcore and indie sensibilities, resulting in welcome slice of […]

Tiny Tigers – Time For Tea (None) 15/06/2009

Branding yourself with the name tiger seems to be proving very popular. The latest band named after the big cat are the Tiny Tigers – oh the irony. On their debut release ?Time For Tea? the all female London trio have served up brash indie-rock E.P with a clear punk aesthetic. Sounding like they recorded […]

The Tim and Sam Band (Static Caravan) 21/06/09

On paper The Tim and Sam Band are as twee as you like, that despicable genre of music that?s floaty light and intended for listening on balmy days lying in fields surrounded by bunnies and daisies. Well the truth is lying in grass is itchy, rabbits are best in pies, and twee music is always […]

The Harringtons – Set In Our Ways (unsigned) 22/06/2009

South Yorkshire starlets The Harringtons are most definitely a band that you need to hear. The Barnsley four-piece have been together little over six months, building a respectable local fanbase. Without meaning any disrespect, they have far outgrown such humble surroundings. “Set In Our Ways” is the most exciting release I have heard since Exit […]

Love Like Fire – Stand in Your Shoes (Heist Or Hit Records) 15/06/2009

Of late there seems to be a new trend emerging in indie of the fuzzy-pop kind. Everyday a new band pops up citing My Bloody Valentine and Teenage Fan Club as being their staple musical diet since they were 13 years old. Love Like Fire are no exception, and on their latest offering ?Stand In […]

Placebo – For What It’s Worth (Riverman/PIAS/Vagrant Records) 01/06/09

“For What It’s Worth” is the first single form “Battle For The Sun”, the latest album from goth/emo monsters Placebo. And if the single is anything to go by, the androgenous Brian Molko may have finally found his balls. Gone are the extended whining chorus’ and the melodramatic piano accompaniment. Absent also is the self-pitying […]

Carolina Liar – Show Me What I’m Looking For (Atlantic) 01/06/09

Carolina Liar are a transatlantic six-piece championed by Max Martin, the broken mind responsible for inflicting Pink, Katy Perry and Kelly Clarkson on an unsuspecting world. Chad Wolfe joins Swedes Erik H??ger, Johan Carlsson, Rickard G?ransson, Jim Almgren Gandara, and Max Grahn to form one of the worst bands you will ever hear. As you […]