The Pains Of Being Pure at Heart @ Cargo 10/06/09

With eighties tinged electro pop going mainstream this year, thanks largely to the diminutive Little Boots and Co. The underground has seemingly lost it?s soundtrack. However, since late last year a new fuzzy sound has been coming out of New York, courtesy of Crystal Stilts and The Vivian Girls. This troupe of bands have also […]

The Harringtons – Set In Our Ways (unsigned) 22/06/2009

South Yorkshire starlets The Harringtons are most definitely a band that you need to hear. The Barnsley four-piece have been together little over six months, building a respectable local fanbase. Without meaning any disrespect, they have far outgrown such humble surroundings. “Set In Our Ways” is the most exciting release I have heard since Exit […]

The Gay Blades – Ghosts (Something In Construction) 08/06/2009

Yes the name is silly and the album title does suggest an angst ridden Emo album, full of shite songs to cut your arms to, but get past the ridiculously bad names and in fact what you have on your hands is a decent band and album. I use decent in the loosest sense. Stateside they duo of Clark Westfield ( The Aristocrat of Crime) and Puppy Mills (The Snitch) have built up a reputation as being a band fully moulded in the true cock-rock, glam metal tradition. As arched and Electric Six as this all sounds, it?s this overt style of song writing that allows them to get away with classic song titles such as ?Robots Can Fuck Your Shit Up? and ?We Wear Mittens? .

Love Like Fire – Stand in Your Shoes (Heist Or Hit Records) 15/06/2009

Of late there seems to be a new trend emerging in indie of the fuzzy-pop kind. Everyday a new band pops up citing My Bloody Valentine and Teenage Fan Club as being their staple musical diet since they were 13 years old. Love Like Fire are no exception, and on their latest offering ?Stand In […]

Placebo – For What It’s Worth (Riverman/PIAS/Vagrant Records) 01/06/09

“For What It’s Worth” is the first single form “Battle For The Sun”, the latest album from goth/emo monsters Placebo. And if the single is anything to go by, the androgenous Brian Molko may have finally found his balls. Gone are the extended whining chorus’ and the melodramatic piano accompaniment. Absent also is the self-pitying […]

Carolina Liar – Show Me What I’m Looking For (Atlantic) 01/06/09

Carolina Liar are a transatlantic six-piece championed by Max Martin, the broken mind responsible for inflicting Pink, Katy Perry and Kelly Clarkson on an unsuspecting world. Chad Wolfe joins Swedes Erik H??ger, Johan Carlsson, Rickard G?ransson, Jim Almgren Gandara, and Max Grahn to form one of the worst bands you will ever hear. As you […]

Little Boots – New In Town (679/Atlantic) 25/05/09

Blackpool’s most famous pop munchkin Little Boots is one of those acts heavily tipped by the great and good to be everywhere this summer. Victoria Hesketh is certainly talented, and by all accounts she’s a pretty good hand at remixes, but it seems like her music is the point at which an indie-pop crossover becomes […]

Sonic Youth – The Eternal (Matador) 8/06/09

Sonic Youth – The Eternal (Matador) 8/06/09

Crystal Stilts – Love Is A Wave (Angular) 25/05/09

Brooklyn seems to be the epicentre of the current twee fuzz pop movement, and with bands like the Crystal Stilts it?s easy to see why. At only two minutes and one second in length, Love Is A Wave is short burst of laid back retro noise pop. From the drip of reverb at the start […]

Broken Records – Until The Earth Begins To Part (4AD) 01/06/09

Melancholy is a word thrown around by many bands to describe their influence?s and lyrical tone. Broken Records take this complex emotion as more than just an influence, but more as a reason to exist . The Glaswegian outfit spin tales of disillusionment and melancholy throughout their debut album Until The Earth Begins To Part. […]