The Toniks – This Summer (Greater London Records) 15/06/2009

The Toniks hail from the most unlikeliest of rock ?n? roll breeding grounds, Guilford. A town not exactly know for its? grittiness or diversity, it?s easily to see why the Toniks are so bland. Their new four track E.P is just about as exciting as Guilford town centre on a weekday. Opener ?Wonderful Then?, is […]

Glastonbury Festival 2009 @ Worthy Farm, Pilton

Nine hours, yes nine hours, in a National Express coach is enough to dampen even the most excited of spirits. Yet when our stuffy old coach rumbled past Worthy Farm there was a reassuring cheer from the half-cut punters in the back rows. After the arduous nine hour journey comes the krypton Factor-esque challenge of […]

Amazing Baby – Rewild (V2/Co-operative) 22/06/2009

And there it is again: the b-word, the one that so often demands immediate attention and preconceived kudos; its mere utterance getting bloggers wet and musos salivating in anticipation. Of course the buzzword in question is Brooklyn; the increasingly mythical suburbian nirvana casting an endlessly essential spate of bands forth into a world in which […]

White Lies – Death (Polydor) 29/06/2009

White Lies are one of those bands that have seemingly leaped out from nowhere and become everyone?s new favourite band. Well nearly everyone, I?m sure the tag ?shite lies? has been doing the rounds in certain circles. This reservation expressed by some music fans has a firm grounding. Previous singles have been guilty of clunky […]

Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Heads Will Roll (Polydor) 29/06/2009

New Yorkers are good at being cool. Now having a hit record is one of those things: you start off being super cool, and then the General Public get their hands on your records and the cool people stop liking you and you are then merely popular. It?s a tricky thing to negotiate coming out […]

Wave Machines – Wave If You’re Really There (Neopolitan) 15/06/2009

There are albums that work perfectly as a body of work, where you can isolate one song and listen to it, but the effect of listening to the whole album is greater than the sum of its parts. Albums like The Bends, Dark Side of the Moon, Leftism. They?re a rare and wonderful thing. You […]

Solid Gold – Bible Thumper (Solid Gold Music) 29/06/2009

Ok this might sound like an anti-catholic call to arms on paper, but on the ears it?s actually more of a laid back electro funk assault of the timid kind. Solid Gold are a three piece from Minneapolis who have recorded all of their debut album ‘Bodies of Water’ in a assortment of basements, cabins […]

The Voluntary Butler Scheme – Tabasco Sole (Split) 20/07/2009

The Voluntary Scheme aka Rob Jones, clearly aims to bring us all some much needed musical sunshine in these dark times. His latest offering ?Tabasco Sole? is a laid back slice of soulful funk which is sure to brighten up even the most cynical dolite?s day. The unassuming jerky lead line quickly gives way to […]

Chew Lips @ The Lexington, London 23/06/09

Chew Lips are the latest electro pop band to be sucked into the vacuum of the buzz band rumour mill. The trouble with this level of attention is as much as it elevates bands to a platform for success, it shines a persistent spot lamp that glares unfalteringly, revealing blemishes in its cruel gaze. Tonight […]

Blur @Wolverhampton Civic Hall 24/06/09

Its midnight and I?ve just unlocked the door to my flat. My clothes are soaking wet and clinging to me – but it isn?t raining. My eyeliner is smudged across my face and my hair is a damp and matted mess. I can feel the familiar aches and pains of bruised ribs, ringing ears, a […]