The Rumble Strips – Welcome to The Walk Alone (Island) 13/07/2009

Their latest effort sounds like a band taking themselves too seriously and subsequently overestimating their ability.

White Belt Yellow Tag – Tell Your Friends (Distiller) 13/07/2009

White Belt Yellow Tag seems to be the dawn of a new musical era for guitarist Justin Lockey.

Hockey, Chew Lips @ Vibe Bar, London 09/07/2009

As any industry simpleton can tell you, there are two reasons why a band gets signed, either they?re a truly brilliant band destined for great things or they sound/look/act like an already signed band destined for great things. Unfortunately, Hockey fall into the latter category, and have been signed-up amidst a stampede of A&R men […]

Deastro – Moondagger (Ghostly International) 06/07/2007

Music that evokes and conjures

Chief @ Luminaire, London 02/07/09

Like Fleet Foxes, Chief hark back to the Topanga Canyon scene of the early 70s

The Dead Weather – Horehound (Columbia) 13/07/2009

White’s unique style colours and dictates the tone of the album

Army Navy – Saints (Fandango) 06/07/2007

Expect to hear the B word around these guys for some time.

Paul Steel – In A Coma (EMI Japan) 06/07/2009

Paul Steel is a pretty unassuming name for such a musically eccentric artist to go by. The singer songwriter’s latest offering ?In A Coma? is a brilliant psychedelic pop tune which sounds like Elvis Costello and The Beach Boys singing covers from Elton John?s Yellow Brick Road album. As we’ve come to expect from Paul […]

The Hickey Underworld – Mystery Bruise (Naive) 29/06/2009

Is it just me or is Belgium normally perceived as being a land of, well, nothing of any interest. So how they?ve managed to produce a band which sound like the reincarnation of At The Drive In, is beyond me . The Hickey Underworld, hail from the unlikeliest of places Antwerp, and yet somehow have […]

The Blizzards – Buy It Sell It (Island) 06/07/2009

Here we go again, another pop-indie band for you all to not get very excited about. The Blizzards are another band intent on following in the path of The Kooks and One Night Only, in their quest to conquer daytime radio. That?s not to say The Blizzards are a bad band. The Irish four piece […]