Bloc Party ? One More Chance (Witchita) 10/08/2009

Whilst ?One More Chance? is a perfectly enjoyable tune, it would be a lie to say that it shows Bloc Party at their best.

Thought Forms ? Thought Forms (Invada) 03/08/2009

A sonic journey through expansive soundscapes of desolate wastelands and thunderous shards of noise which lap at the toes of the gods

Lovvers – OCD Go Go Girls (Witchita) 03/08/2009

From the opening drum roll to the final thrash of overdrive, it pummels the listener into a submissive state of sheer garage rock joy.

Dinosaur Pile Up @ The Water Rats, Kings Cross 30/07/2009

These lads have been guzzling down Foo Fighters and Nirvana with a funnel for a straw and supping burning petrol as a chaser

The Twang ? Jewellery Quarter (B-unique) 03/08/2009

Jewellery Quarter still sounds like a rummage through your old record collection, with Mike Streets picking up the vocal duties

The Hickey Underworld @ The Flowerpot, Camden 27/07/09

It seems the Hickey Underworld have found a gold mine but can they strike the jackpot outside of the home front?

Hot Gossip – You Look Faster When You Are Young (Ghost Records) 27/07/2009

Hot Gossip makes the sort of jerky-indie-punk that has ravaged the indie charts over the last few years.

Moby – Wait For Me (Little Idiot Records) 29/06/09

Each snippet of music adds to the tension and the atmospheric tone.

The Twang ? Barney Rubble (b-unique) 13/07/2009

Brumie lads The Twang are set to return this year with new album Jewellery Quarter, but before they do they are releasing a taster in the shape of Barney Rubble.

Engineers ? Three Fact Fader (kscope) 06/07/200

An incredibly dense and sensual record bursting at the seams with layer upon layer of musical textures.